Jazzhaus – Lawrence, KS. 1988 “What do You Call That One” -assemblages and paintings

Art Frames – Lawrence, KS. 1988 “Landscapes” -paintings 

University Kansas, Student Union- Lawrence, KS. 1990 “New Works” -paintings 

University Kansas, Art & Design Building-Lawrence, KS. 1990 -paintings and assemblages 

Ashley Lakes Gallery-Atlanta, GA. 1991 “Transformations” -collages 

Café Allegro- Kansas City, MO. 1992 “Re-Transformed” -collages 

Pane Caldo-Chicago, IL. 1993 “Metal Messages” -assemblages in metal 

Dale Fromelt Gallery-Kansas City, MO. 1999 “Views of a Salesman” -mixed media  

Zone Gallery-Kansas City, MO. 2001 “Love Letters” -mixed media

Café Trio-Kansas City, MO. 2005 “New Works” -paintings on canvas 

MoMo Gallery-Kansas City, MO 2005 “photographs & assemblages”

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center-Kansas City, MO. 2006 “B4-AFTR” -assemblages & photographs

Arts Incubator Gallery-Kansas City, MO. 2006 “Childs Play” -works on paper 

Leedy-Voulkos Gallery-Kansas City, MO. 2008 “Paint” -works on canvas, sculptures

#8 Art Gallery Kansas City, MO. 2010 "Conversations" -paintings, works on paper, works on screen

The Late Show Gallery-Kansas City, MO. 2014 "Newsroom" -works on paper and printing plates

The Hilliard Gallery-Kansas city MO. 2014 "Do I know you?" -digital prints on PVC substrate

great gallery shot.JPG